'23 | WELCOME!

thanks for clickin' on my page! it's my first Big coding project, so if something's broken i apologize in advance, haha.

i'm almost 20 at the time of writing this, so it's no suprise the internet has played a good part in my upbringing. hence, why, i decided i should get into the nitty-gritty of the digital world. i took a few programming classes in high-school, but mostly got everything from doing my own research. it's been real fun! (definitely still a noob though)

like everything, there's bound to be change. the web has developed a lot over the years, but the direction those money-hungry geezers take has unfortunately made it kinda sucky. neocities gives many of us the opportunity to take back what seems so lost now! so that's where i'm at now!

i've barely scratched the surface of all that the internet offers. but doing this is a step in the right direction i think. everything i've expierenced online is a part of me, the good and the bad; i'm grateful for it! hopefully my site will be able to show my appreciation. so feel free to take a look around!

may your code run smooth :)

a squished image of an orange cat in a jar

click him >:)


this site is rated 14+ for swearing and potential offensive content.
gif of a bird flying next to a rainbow



shiny rounded rectangle showing final fantasy characters
shiny rounded rectangle showing one piece characters


art of my gaiaonline avatar ! he is looking at the camera with a 
                    hand on his hip. he has light blue hair, elf ears, with a pilot cap on his head, goggles wrapped around it as well. his top consists of a tuxedo jacket, red tie, and a frayed white jacket. red ribbons are coming out the back of his shirts. his bottoms are army green baggy pants, with off-white adidas shoes.

drawing has been my main hobby ever since i could hold a pencil.
i'm always itching to try and create something new! supporting artists is also something i'm really passionate about!